What we offer

  • Qualified professionals from all over the world create their profiles - free of charge
  • Companies search for and find professionals - we only charge a fee in the event of a successful outcome
  • We will take care of residence and employment permits

Employland offers professionals who want to come and work in Germany a platform for making contact with potential employers in Germany.

Employland is a portal for professionals and differs from job markets in that professionals present themselves here. There are no job advertisements on our site that professionals can apply for. Rather, professionals create their own profile just once - it is then up to the employers to contact the professional.

Professionals do not search for employers with us; employers do search for professionals.

Registration for both professionals and employers is free. Professionals create a profile providing details about themselves, their qualifications and their skills. Employers search for suitable candidates, view the profiles and make contact.
In the public area, only a few parts of the professional profiles are visible. Only employers in Germany who have registered with us can get full access.

We ensure that everything is straightforward from the outset: from finding the suitable professional, requesting the residence permit and employment permit, right up to the final step of starting work.

Only the employer has to pay a recruitment fee and this is payable only in the event of a successful recruitment outcome. This means:
If an employer concludes an employment contract with a professional who they contacted through our site, we will only charge our recruitment fee if the employee actually takes up the agreed employment.
The recruitment process is and remains free of charge for registered and recruited professionals.

We will relieve you of the bureaucratic effort involved in dealing with authorities, if requested. Of course, we cannot do this for free. The employers assume most of these costs for the professional that has been found. If lawyers are required: We have concluded framework contracts with qualified lawyers who look after required tasks at fixed prices.