We look after everything

On behalf of employers, we help foreign professionals who need recognition of their profession or university degree, a visa, or a residence permit. Billing takes place in this case directly with the employer - that is the rule.

However, professionals themselves can also ask us to deal with this; we will then bill them directly.

We specify the documents for the professionals that they require, depending on citizenship, place of residence, training, degrees, etc. If necessary, we can have these documents translated for the professionals or we can advise them on translators in their area whose translations are recognized by the responsible German agency abroad. In addition, we provide the necessary application forms on request which are required by the respective German agencies abroad and the responsible authorities in Germany.

We have concluded framework contracts with qualified lawyers - for the necessary application procedure in particular - for the implementation. We will recommend one of these lawyers to the respective professional; at the same time, we will provide the lawyer with a cost absorption declaration in relation to this professional. The lawyer and the professional will conclude a client-lawyer relationship, granting the lawyer full power of attorney. From the outset, the professional can be assured that (s)he will not incur any costs; the lawyer receives the cost absorption declaration from us to look after this.

In the contract of mandate between the professional and the lawyer, the lawyer is released from the non-disclosure obligation to the extent that it is necessary to allow him or her to balance accounts with us.