For employers

How do I find suitable professionals?

You can search for professionals with us at any time and get a first impression of them. However, public access to the data entered by the professionals is limited.

Employers who have registered with us can view the profiles of professionals with the data relevant for the search. Registering on our platform is also free of charge for employers.

How do I get an overview of interested candidates?

You can bookmark professionals that are shown to you in an overview list in the members area. You can call up and view the corresponding individual profiles for this purpose.

How do I make contact with a professional?

The first contact takes place by email via our platform; subsequently, you will be able to see the name and certificate of the contacted professional.
You can then phone, Skype, or invite individuals to an interview - we will support you in visa matters, if required.

Our recruitment fee is payable only after you and the professional have concluded an employment contract and the professional has taken up employment with your company.

When dealing with us, you do not bear the risk of having to pay a recruitment fee until the new employee found using our services has actually taken up employment.

How do negotiations proceed with a professional?

You can make the negotiation phases visible to your candidates on Employland. With one simple click, you can send a professional a concrete offer to negotiate an employment contract.

The professional can accept or reject your offer by clicking the mouse.

  • accept: You can negotiate the concrete contents of the contract
  • reject: Your contact with the professional most likely comes to an end

We will inform you of the professional’s response via email.

Can I be confident that a professional has a genuine interest in me as an employer?

The profiles of professionals are visible on our platform only until the respective professional accepts two offers to negotiate. The profile will then no longer be visible to other potential employers, to ensure that your negotiations with the selected professional are not disrupted by other approaches.

If you decide not to recruit the applicant, we request that you cancel the negotiation on Employland by clicking the mouse. Only then will the data of the corresponding professional become visible to other employers again (the professional can also cancel the negotiation and will then also appear again).

How much does the recruitment fee cost me as an employer and when must it be paid?

You inform us of the realization of an employment contract. The profile of the respective professional will then be blocked for all other employers once the professional has confirmed the contract signing by clicking the mouse. The professional can also be the one to communicate the signing of the contract by clicking the mouse; their profile will then no longer be visible to other employers.

Of course, you will not receive an invoice at this stage yet; we will only have earned our recruitment fee once the professional has actually taken up employment. Only then will we bill you, the employer, our commission fee in the amount of 10% of the first gross annual salary.