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Master of Science
Mechanical Engineering

, United States

Analysis of Engineering Systems, Automotive Systems, Computational Mechanics, Elasticity, Fracture and Failure Analysis, Transdisciplinary Design, Industrial Cost Analysis, (MEMS) MicroElectroMechanicalSystems, Mathematical Models of Turbulence, Numerical Analysis of Engineering Systems, Probabilistic Design

PROJECT-1: Boiler Tube Failure Ananlysis, including failure modes
such as Long-Term & Short-Term Overheating, referring to
various sources such as ASME BPVC (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code)

PROJECT-2: Review of Design and Development Protective Headgear in Sports,
including Football, referring to various sources such as
NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment)



Bachelor of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

, India

Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics, Power Plant Engineering, Mechanical System Design, CAD/CAM & Automation, Industrial Fluid Power, Industrial Engineering and Management, Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, Internal Combustion Engines, Metallurgy, Manufacturing Processess

Gave seminar on DTSi- Digital Twin Spark Ignition - simultaneous firing of 2 spark plugs on the power stroke, that enables more complete burn and uniform combustion even for lean mixtures.

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2016-04Till now

Materials Handling Field Engineer

, United States

• Slashed monthly rental costs by 50% by right-sizing temporary electrical power diesel generators, eliminating external fuel tanks, taking off-rent under-utilized equipment (e.g. transport buggies).
• Forecasting revised budget - count and $$ for manpower, consumables, equipment, respective deltas to baseline- overall and by line item. Record, monitor and report on Spent-$$ vs Budget-$$- incremental, cumulative, quarterly trend. Analyze $$ & quantity to identify disproportionate contributors.
• Formulated model to calculate Earned Value metrics and cost performance for the Director of Site Materials Management (MM). Compile and present dashboard in weekly Client leadership meetings.
• Extensive use of Excel data tables, pivot tables, query-from-table to summarize, live charts for dashboards depicting hard-data, derivatives, key indicators, sub-totals, proportional %, period-trends.
• Field Engineer for all Site Material Handling, Storage and Preservation requirements for est. 9000-qty. equipment, Field Purchase Requisitions (FPRs) supporting construction. Forecasting land-use-acreage occupation and draw-down in time- instantaneous, peak, cumulative using Primavera project schedules.
• Subcontractor management by charged manhours- weekly, monthly trend, spread between various contractors, locations on construction site.


Lead Engineer

, United States

• Client-facing role as Lead Engineer on to ensure maintainability for over 1300-qty. equipment (static and rotating), 1200-qty. instrumented valves. Drive Smart Plant 3D model during client reviews for maintainability. Resolve 75 model review tags and implement corrective actions.
• Scope captain for est. $14 million Purchase Orders through entire cradle to grave life-cycle of equipment including SPMAT material requisitions for quote & purchase, technical bid evaluations, vendor selection, engineering review, inspection, testing, construction with startup and commissioning support.
• Drive Purchase Order milestone achievements via vendor kick-off meetings, 3D model reviews, HAZOPs, design review of vendor drawings such as G.A., P&ID, PFD, UFD, Cause & Effect, Control Narratives.
• Develop thermal expansion calculations for 42 vessels using ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section 2, Part D. Assist Principal Engineer with 70-qty Pressure Vessels (columns, filters, tanks).
• Equipment Experience: Water Treatment Package with Lime softening Clarifiers, Filter Press, CO2-Spargers, Gravity Multimedia filters, Ultra- Filtration(UF), Reverse-Osmosis(RO) units, storage and surge tanks; Chemical Injection pumps; Air Cooled Heat Exchangers; Electric Heaters.


Mechanical Engineer

, United States

Wheatstone LNG project, Gladstone LNG, Wood River CORE (Coker & Refinery Expansion)
• Responsible Engineer for 5-nos equipment such as Marine Loading Arms, Marine Gangway & Fire Monitor Tower & Stores Crane, Compressor Bridge Cranes, Air Dryer Package, Diesel Fuel Handling Package
• EQMS : (Equipment Maintenance System) Pioneer In-service maintenance requirements-log for rotating equipment using vendor IOMs and use existing EQMS-tool to deploy such requirements to the field.
• Marine Loading Arms (and vapour return arms): LNG and Condensate, and hybrid-services
• Compressor Bridge Cranes: Double Girder electric crane with main and auxiliary hoists, designed to AS1418 for servicing LNG compressors
• Air Dryer Package: Heat of Compression type, drying compressed air from oil-free air compressor to a pressure dewpoint at the maximum plant air-flow requirement thus producing instrument air. Consists of ASME Sec.-8, Div.-1 pressure vessels, ASME B31.3 piping, ASME B16.5 flanges, API 661 air cooled heat exchangers
• Diesel Fuel Handling Package: Diesel storage tank with high and low flow dispenser, plus supply tanker unloading pump services
• Field Assignment: Successful completion of Manual verification of Nozzles location (Orientation &Elevation) for all erected vessels (including fractionator, vacuum tower) during Construction phase using Plot plans, vessel drawings - ‘As-Built’ G.A., Nozzle O&E, P/F and Ladder detail
• Review engineering drawings from sellers, and recommend and co-ordinate changes as necessary
• Research equipment specifications, data-sheet parameters, standards (e.g. AS 1418)
• Perform mechanical design calculations, sketches, evaluate vendor bids, bid tabulation
• Coordinate project assignments with inter and intra-discipline engineers, A.P.E.s, Lead engineers
• Responsible for mentoring Summer-Intern


Mechanical Engineer- Intern

, United States

* Assist with complete engineering scope for a material requisition for quotation (MRQ)
* Research equipment specifications, data-sheet parameters, standards
* Perform mechanical design calculations, sketches, evaluate vendor bids, bid tabulation
* Coordinate project assignments with inter and intra-discipline engineers, Project Engineers, Lead engineers
* Review engineering drawings from vendor, and recommended changes as necessary
* Support issue resolution regarding equipment specifications, documentation, standards
by researching codes (Elevators-ASME 17.1, ASCE 7), utilizing company framework as directed by senior engineers

Successful Tool Development and Deployment-MS Excel based macro programming using VBA

* ‘Bid Tab Copier’ ---tool to automatically transfer data from electronic data-sheets to bid-tabs reduced code by 50%,co-developing tool. Elimination of billable man-hours spent copying data, human errors
* ‘Vendor Print Reporting Tool’ ---it reports project progress based on status of vendor prints-all revisions.
Used weekly by engineering supervisors, and upper management to track progress
* ‘Pressure Vessel Clips Selector’ ---involved in development of tool to automatically select ladder and platform clips based on vessel and platform dimensions


Design Engineer- Intern

, India

Mechanical Engineer- Project Intern, Skid Return Conveyor Design
• Body in White (BIW) Skid Return Conveyor Design - Led a team of 4 project interns for detail mechanical design for a horizontal 130m long ‘offset roller’ chain conveyor with shear pin (as weak link) for duplex shear drive sprockets, dual cut conveyor sprockets, idlers, bearings, drive shafts, tension take-up screw. Served BIW welding section of 3-shift automotive manufacturing assembly line. Reduced takt time for skid return.
* Selection of drive motor from supplier catalogue, complete with pneumatic stopping mechanism for skids at both stations.

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Computer Skills - AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Smart Plant Review, Smart Plant Materials, COMPRESS, PV Elite, Smart Sketch, Aconex, ProjectsOnline, MS Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Nuance PDF, Excel – VBA, macros, pivot tables, Materials Manager, Mechanical Completion Plus. Slashed monthly rental costs by 50%. Forecasting revised budget.

  • Motorcycle
  • Automobile

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