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15-20 years experience




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Associate Degree in Information Technology Management
Systems Engineering

, Colombia

The postgraduate approach is in the administrative areas for engineering, taking into account computer science. Concepts were understood and deepened in:
-Proyect Management
-Decision making
-International Business
-Network management
Achieving a better understanding of the managerial impact in engineering.

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Bachelor of Engineering
Automotive Informatics & Electronic Engineering

, Colombia

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Professional experience

Occupation / company

2017-06Till now

IT manager

, Colombia

Administration of information technologies.
Definition of marketing strategy.
Structuring of technical support.
Consulting in information and communications technologies.
Implementation and configuration of security systems (UTM).
Network design and monitors.
Presentation of reports related to the services provided.
Administration and role settings Microsoft.
Design and implementation of backup copies.
Business continuity and disaster recovery.


IT professional

, Colombia

• Validation of LAN and WAN network structure.
• Administration and installation of software to support information.
• Administration and installation of software for computer security.
• Support and maintenance of computer equipment, servers and communications.
• Monitoring and control of applications for backups and computer security.
• Analysis of current status of Backup and computer security for evaluation of improvements.
• Validation and analysis of projects related to information technologies.
• Setting parameters for backups and backup of information.
• Software update for security management.
• Design of network connectivity and information traffic.


I.T. Services Management

, Colombia

· Innovate, develop and implement plans to improve technological infrastructure, network
services and communications.
· Detecting the needs of the growing company in the technology infrastructure to fulfill the
functions and normal operation.
· Client Support Services inside and outside.
· Manage the use of the technology platform enabling resource optimization.
· Establish practices to acculturation and strengthening of ICT policies.
· Constantly evaluate the area providers, seeking to improve the cost benefit to the company.
· Plan, develop and implement information security, business continuity and growth in
· Managing an organizational culture based on ITIL V. 3
· Determine network policies, contingency plans and disaster recovery plan.
· Train users in the use of computational tools, Internet and policies of the area.
· Liaise with hardware vendors and applications if they require support to solve the case
· Run with supplier’s activities necessary for the diagnosis and workaround or solution of the
reported cases.
· Monitor, review and request the area contracts and service levels with the legal area.
Request quotes for hardware, software and services for

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Technical Support Manager

, Colombia

· Coordinate installation, updating and nationwide test new software.
· Coordination of national technicians, building and executing work plans aimed at
improving technological services.
· Coordinate and support the activities of computing, internet and data channels,
networks, security, communications, hardware, training and data transfer
· Managing Servers on Win2000, Win2003 and Unix Server platform
· Inventory management of computer equipment and software for the company.
· Permanent improvement proposals, action plans on procedures

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Technical Support Assistant

, Colombia

· Support users with internet connections dialup, ISDN and dedicated channels.
Incident management supported by software tools like ISPsuite, appcenter,
Bipertech and Argos.
· Creating and maintaining email accounts and internet users.
· Responsible for power plant, domestic phone service, UPS management and
telecommunications node.

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