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Abschluss / Fachbereich / Hochschule



Information Systems
Informations-, Kommunikationstechnik

, Ägypten


Tätigkeit / Unternehmen


Senior System Administrator

, Ägypten

• Build setup and deploy, technical support of cloud virtual servers with management of resources needed by business for cores, ram, storage, network connections and load balancer for linux based servers, windows based server , and Mac OS based server.
• Setup, administration and monitoring of dedicated linux, and windows servers.
• Setup, administration, Networking, customer support of Linux Server Operating system, Windows Server 2012,Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat, Printers and Network Configurations and Routing, Users Profiles and access for various software.
• Setup, administration, configuration and technical support for employees with windows OS as client OS and access sources needed for work on linux servers as Server OS including webserver, database server and mail server.
• Setup, administration, configuration and technical support for web server, setup websites online, configuration of web ports, web server configuration for domains handle on server, backup and web connect access list.
• Setup, administration, configuration and customer support for email server, setup multiple email domains on same server, manage, create email accounts with Database storage set quota for every email address, manage and filter spam/junk emails.
• Setup, administration, configuration, technical support for database server, Execute Multiple databases with Sync and replication process, set database users with various access lists, backup and restore tables, triggers, routines.
• Setup, administration, configuration and technical support of Firewall (hardware Cisco firewall and Linux Software firewall), setup Firewall rules, masquerade rules, Deny and Allow rules for several ports and monitoring network activity, threats blocking and filtering.
• Systems backup, clone and restore and setup scheduled tasks (i.e. cron jobs).


System Administrator

, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

• Responsible for IT (Hardware/Software) configuration, including:
• Setup, administration and networking of Linux Servers, Windows xp, Network Configurations, Users Profiles, Remote Access.
• Setup, administration, configuration and Technical support of Foran3D software for shipping design (server and client side).
• Setup, administration, configuration and Technical support for Oracle Database as Foran3D software data storage, generate forms and reports, and schedule database backup and restore.
• Handle, support, maintenance for data transmission between Office branches in UAE and Its Partner Company in Spain including remote access for users abroad, set permissions to users.
• System administration of multiple Servers across three different countries in Egypt, Spain and UAE.


Business Application Developer

, Ägypten

• Working as application developer for a Microsoft Award banking system along with managing databases MSsqlserver, export reports and customer support along with programming of the user interface.
• Generate reports using crystal reports for Bank requirements.
• Create, modify and test for various reports and user interface on the banking system before goes live.
• Develop banking reports and system for a Sudanese Bank along with business analysis for bank requirments.
• Develop ASP forms and reports using crystal reports reporting for Core banking system, and participated in implementing and Go-live of bank of 10 branches applying the SAS model in banking sector for first time in Egypt.

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Abschluss / Institut



, Ägypten

• Annual Training Course in general Soft Skills along with a complete implementation for software Engineering processes, Oracle10g developer and designer with a final Graduation Project.



, Ägypten

• Summer training program in the areas: Software development cycle, Networks essentials, Microsoft Windows Network Administration, Oracle client/server, Real life test cases within a web application project.



, Deutschland

• Summer Training Session in the field of Maritime Economics. Making a comprehensive investigation and preparing comprehensive studies about Maritime industry in Egypt in particular about the pollution of sea ports and research on the implementation of Anti-pollution center at Sharm El sheikh and its effect on the cleanness of the red sea.
• IT Training Session in setup and maintenance of software/hardware for employees.


Prüfung / Zertifikat

Konversationssicher (B2)

Prüfungs-Zertifikat auf Niveau B2

Grundkenntnisse (A1)

Weitere Fähigkeiten

Interessen, Hobbys, Persönliches

• Red Hat System Administrator (level1 Essentials)
• Red Hat System Administrator (level2 Network)
• Red Hat System Administrator (level3 Linux Administration)
• Linux Database Server (MySQL,Oracle)
• Linux Webserver (Nginx, Apache)
• Linux Email Server(Postfix, Dovecot, clamd)
• Linux Proxy (Squid Proxy)
• Linux Caching and web optimization (Varnish)
• Linux / Windows file sharing (Samba Share)
• Linux Server Monitoring (Nagios)
• NoSQL Database Server (Cassandra)
• Oracle 11g Designer
• Oracle 11g Developer
• MS Sql Server
• Crystal Reports
• MS Office
• Microsoft visual studio
• Microsoft Server
• Elastix Call Center
• Mac Os.

  • PKW

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